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Brrrr welcome to a cold Feb.

Well I think winter is finally here down south a smattering of snow and some good frosts finally, I realise up tut' north you've got it somewhat harder.

So I hope you have all recovered from New year celebrations or hogmanay depending on which side of the border you hail from, and talking of which Jan. saw Burns night our wonderful secretary Kirsty (who is our Scottish connection) brought back form Glasgow our Haggai (or is it haggises) and with the help of David and Jane put on a wonderful night of 4 courses with readings and a quiz on Scottish geography {Burns related naturally} and of course finished off with coffee and shortbread (home made of course.)

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Jan. also sees the end of the sugar beat season and after one 'technical difficulty' I think you may call it (see pic) it is now all done and dusted, don't forget to make sure the red tractor is on your sugar packet and support British industry. As far as the other farming pursuits go many of us are using these wonderful frosts to fill in furrows or wheeling's left due to the wet autumn patch dirt roads and generally go over ground with as little disturbance as possible. Otherwise its workshop and maintenance and I'm one of the lucky ones with an old cast iron log burner with hot plate so toasty warm and a kettle on the go ummmmmm cosy.

My dog, Molly whom most of you who've been on weekends will know has decided at 16 it's better to be wrapped up in her bed in this cold weather and it takes quite a lot of persuasion to get her to go outside to ablout in the day, and at night she has discovered all the warm spots on the floor where the radiator pipes are close to the floor boards, so there is no walking about with the lights off or you may break a leg tripping over her.

For a laugh I have also added a pic. Of me having just completed a dressage routeen I know it looks as I'm pointing to the horse which way I want him to go but I'm actually bowing to the judges I did not do too well but did get awarded a 'special rosette', which for my first attempt I was very happy with despite it's connotations.

Oh yes and finally all you romantics out there don't forget it is valentines day this month.


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Tony Paul

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