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Spring Weekend 2018 - Tom Knox

Saturday 12th May – Members visited a new biogas and pea processing plant in East Yorkshire.  The enterprise is set up by a co-operative of 42 farmers.  Peas have to be particularly fast stored, so the crop is cleaned, blanched and into cold store to maintain a top quality product.

The anaerobic digester handles 99% food waste.  Gas conversion to electric from the digester produces 3.3MW into the National Grid.  The A.D. plant takes in 85,000 tons of food waste yearly.  Bacteria consistently fed was initially ‘seeded’ with cow manure.  Digestate sludge coming out at 4% liquid is a balanced N.p.K slurry fertiliser.

Generally, East Yorkshire chalk soils have a high p.H.  Magnesium lime added to the soils when appropriate.  Soil fertility had to be particularly improved on an acreage which had been a former airfield.  We inspected the soil structure where the arable crop straw had been treated with a breakdown cover of A.D. sludge in a no till system.

11.4 tons acre yield of wheat had been achieved in past years, £3.00 a ton cheaper N.p.K from an A.D.  After a second wheat, stubble turnips are grown followed by linseed on this particular former airfield site.

Blackgrass is a crop rotational problem we were told.

Sunday 13th May – Moored in Hull Marina was ‘Humber Keel Comrade’ square sailed sloop built in 1923.

In their day, a vessel which transported coal, iron, sand, gravel and corn.  Us

landlubbers were educated about the language of operating a keel sloop.  The sails, ‘fore and after’, ‘bow and starboard’.  The sideboards operation of the weatherside and leesides.  The living quarters on board, at each end being the operatives at the folksall stern end and the cosy living end at the bow end.

Gradually road and railway transport took over from these steel riveted vessels.

Spring Weekend 2018

National Country Link Spring Weekend - Hull.

Hosted by Derbyshire 11 to 14 May 2018

derbyshire arrive.jpg93 country link members travelled to Hull from all corners of the country. Thoses travelling by train took full advantage of the Royal Hull hotel location,at the train station.

staffs and cheshire.jpgOnce all settled in, dinner to down in the winshor suite. Simon spoke to us from emmaus our chosen charity for the homeless of Hull and east ridings. The barn dance had tuned up and dancing began and the fancy dress judged by the band wonderful evening of fun and dancing.

After breakfast we were off on 3 coaches and a train for our days out.

Coach 1 - Destination: Bempton Cliffs, RSPB for a guided walk by Kevin, the puffins, lap wings were there in their 1000 for all to enjoy on the cliffs.

the winners.jpgOnce all re grouped on the bus to Bridlington where some went on the Yorkshire belle and others enjoyed the sea air and chips.

Coach 2 - Destination: Spurn point for a safari trip, great adventure then on to Withenesea to the Nuclear bunker. A lovely day out and about with friends.

Coach 3 - Destination: The Yorkshire Goat Company,fantastic morning and hospitality,wowed by the whole enterprise. Next stop Eastburn to meet Mr Meginsons  and his enterprises. After lunch in the sunshine we were back on the bus with David to the bio gas plant and the pea processing plant been built. The  building were spell bounding in what we saw and heard.

By Train: The trip to Beverley took full advantage of the hotel location and travelled on an open ended ticket where they met Paul, for a guided walk around the town, and the Minster before having tea and cake.  We returned to the hotel at leisure.  A lovely day out.

Once back on the bus we were dropped off to walk back through the farm,and its stewardship programme,great vision on the poor quality land and wet areas. Last bus home says everything, and yes all the hot water gone!!

sunday morning.jpgAfter a quick wash and bush up, DJ on, we regroup in the bar and down to dinner, all lovely, great chat and atmosphere and dance to the resident DJ Kevin, until close of play.

Sunday morning came a more leisure breakfast before meeting Paul our town guide, where 50 members took part in the walk around the city.

Some of use walked to the marina where we meet Keith, and the team at the Keels and Sloops. The ships were the work horses on the estuary. After our thank you and coffee, we left to visit other museums and art galleries.

Wonderful relaxed day followed by the AGM, and an evening of quizzes and games to raise money for Emmaus.


exchange of weekend baton to Jenny.jpg image006.jpg

Maria presenting the weekend baton to Jenny from Norfolk for the Autumn Weekend 2018

Nigel presenting Gill from Cumbria the most increased membership for 2017.


Monday morning came, with lots of goodbyes and thank yous for a wonderful weekend in Hull and surrounding area.

team Derbyshire going home on the train..jpg

Thank you to Lisa, David and the team at the Royal Hull Hotel, our host Derbyshire group and our wonderful trips and hosts in Yorkshire.

Spring Weekend 2018 - Cornwall Country Link

We have returned from another fun filled weekend with our friends from all over the country.

The team from Derbyshire deserve a very big thank you for organising a super event.

The party night on Friday was a blast and the fancy dress was hysterical.

The trips were well received and we personally went to Spurn Point and the secret bunker at a nearby ex RAF Station that tracked potential nuclear attacks.

The peace and the wild beauty out on Spurn Point was a tonic.

The Sunday trips were very interesting and we particularly enjoyed going on the deep sea trawler that was a combatant in the Cod Wars back in the 1980's.

IMG_5116.JPG IMG_5115.JPG IMG_5111.JPG 

Looking forward to our next Country Link Weekend.

Mad March Weekend 2018

image001.jpgAfter all the snow, it's time for fun and the seaside. 20 off us were off to Bridlington, some left on the Tuesday, some on the Thursday, we all met on the Friday night in the bar of the Expanse hotel, our home until Monday morning.   

After a lovely meal we all stayed in the hotel bar chatting until bedtime.

Breakfast was great - cereals, fruit, yogurt, full English, kedgeree, smoked haddock - the options were endless.  Staff were wonderful, even went shopping for the connect 4!! later.

image002.jpgOur first outing was to Sewaby Hall and gardens on the opening day of the season.  Lovely relaxed day learning about Amy Johnson, incredible lady, then home via the road train for earlier dinner before our night at the theatre.

After dinner, taxi to the spa to see 'Think Floyd', well 20 of went in, 12 stayed until the encore, and still no 'Brick in the Wall'! Once back at the hotel, after cheese and biscuits, to the Marina bar for dancing. Yes Brick in the Wall played and we danced until no more music, off to bed.


Breakfast wonderful and off in cars to Bempton Cliffs for a guided walk with Kevin,fascinating information about the sea birds,and we saw the first puffins of the year.

image003.jpg image004.jpg

Once back at the centre, were off to Flambrough head light house,more information from a great height, wonderful.


Back to Brid for a rest or a walk on the beach before dinner.


The restaurant didn't disappoint for our last night, relaxing in the bar, playing connect 4 until bedtime.


image008.jpgimage007.jpg Monday a focus morning checking out, and our last visit to Muntons Malting at Sewaby with Mark and Eddie. Well weren't we lucky people, incredible process and system in place and openness to us.


Following the visit we all said our goodbyes and departed for home.


 A wonderful weekend, with great friends and a hotel to match. 
Lovely company, trips, hotel and the sunshine just put the icing on the weekend.
Well done Bridlington!

We have given a donation to Bridlington lifeboats for our visit to Muntons Maltings.

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