Chairmans Chat 2020


Hello all Country Linkers,

Another New Year, although goodness knows where 2020 went. I wish everybody a happy, healthy and safe new year and hope that we can start to socialise, if only partly, by Easter, although it looks as if we are facing another lockdown at present.

Christmas was very strange, not seeing the family and only exchanging presents in the boot of the car after a walk together, but socially distanced, on Boxing Day morning. We did encounter a family getting around the restrictions by having an outdoor picnic on the edge of the village cricket pitch, and apparently on Christmas Day some other family had set up tables and chairs on a wide grass verge in the village to celebrate with a meal outside.

We could all do with some dry weather as the footpaths are very muddy and slippery, but at least here in the south we have not had the terrible flooding experienced by people in Nottinghamshire and the Midlands.

The mild and wet weather in the run up to Christmas has not helped with the Brussels sprout crop. The sprouts are not as firm as they should be and are suffering from blotchy mildew such a disappointment, as they are a firm favourite with Christmas dinners.

All the malting barley and milling wheat has gone off the farm as the maltsters and millers wanted to stock up just in case there was a NO DEAL BREXIT. Fortunately we do have a deal, which will alleviate trade tariffs, but only time will tell what the long term outcome will be. Certainly there would appear to be much more administration associated with trading after January 1st 2021.

The National Committee is not expecting members to pay their annual subscriptions until we are allowed to meet up in our normal group numbers. Our organisation still have obligations to pay for certain essential services, as some things, for example, our insurance, we cannot afford to stop as some groups are still meeting, albeit in very small numbers.

Charles Humby - Chairman

If you are reading this and would like to know more about Country Link, please take a look at the programmes section on the website to see what sort of things we get up to. You are welcome to get in touch with your local club directly or use our contact form. If there's no club in your area, you are welcome to join in as a national member.

Country Link looks forward to hearing from you.


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